Gallitzin Borough   EST. 1872
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411 Convent Street
Suite 20
Gallitzin, PA 16641



Important Information Regarding Drinking Water




We are required to notify you about an issue that was very recently brought to our attention regarding an annual regulatory required water sampling that tests for HAA5 (Haloacetic Acids).

There are only a few laboratories in Pennsylvania that are certified to run these tests and Seewald Laboratories of Williamsport, PA had been sub-contracted to administer the analysis for this yearly required HAA5 sampling.  

In July of 2018, due to a quality control issue on their end, the lab exceeded the 7 day time limit allowed for this regulatory analysis regarding the HAA5 sample that we submitted.  When Seewald Labs realized what occurred, they immediately notified us by letter and at the same time, notified DEP as well.  

We immediately re-sampled and Seewald ran the analysis on the re-sample within the proper time frame. The re-sample was found to be well within all regulatory standards.

We were not aware that the letter of explanation from Seewald Labs in July 2018 was not satisfactory to our regulatory agency until we were contacted by them last month, November 2019.  Though the agency did accept the results from the re-sample  as meeting all required regulatory  parameters,  the first sample created a non-compliance issue for being outside of their regulatory timeline.      

For any questions, please call Chet Cyga at (814) 279-5224.