Gallitzin Borough   EST. 1872
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411 Convent Street
Suite 20
Gallitzin, PA 16641

Ordinances & Zoning

Laurel Mountain Inspection Agency is authorized by ordinance to administer property maintenance in Gallitzin Borough, abiding by the International Property Maintenance Code. They have also been delegated to enforce the following ordinances:

#270 Prohibition of Public Nuisances
#118 General Health Ordinance
#360 Snow and Ice Removal from sidewalks

Gallitzin Borough Zoning Ordinance

You can view a synopsis of the Zoning Ordinance for Gallitzin Borough, as well as the Zoning Map at the links provided. The entirety of the zoning ordinance will be available at a later date. At present, however, you may review it or portions thereof by request.

Zoning Ordinances
Zoning Map